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Sustainable organic farming is our way of life at Cyclone Farms.

Our “farm outside the box” approach is all about harnessing the unique properties of the land to ensure it is the most sustainable, profitable, and environmentally friendly as possible.

And we know that the key to success is all in the soil. That is why we work very hard to maximize soil balance and health using the Albrecht/Kinsey method. All farms are center-pivot irrigated or gravity irrigated and are suitable to grow a wide variety of organic crops including food-grade white corn, food-grade yellow corn, blue corn, seed corn, HRWW wheat, yellow field peas, oats, alfalfa, canola, sunflowers, and food-grade soybeans. In addition to crops – we work very closely with an array of cover crops.

Cyclone Farms is located in East Central Nebraska and is owned and operated by 6th generation farmers, Tyler and Amy Bruch.

mechanics / operation specialist 

Justin, a 4th generation farmer, has been with Cyclone Farms for over 5 years. He is a certified aviation mechanic which means he brings a level of detail and efficiency that is unmatched. With his leadership skills and ability to perform at a high level, Justin is an invaluable member of our team.

mechanics / operation specialist

Justyn, a 5th generation farmer, started with Cyclone Farms while going to college to obtain his Associates’s degree in John Deere Ag Tech. Justyn’s detailed focus on equipment and organic crop production has been a great asset to our business. He is a strong advocate for organic farming.


Stacy wears many hats at Cyclone Farms. She is responsible for much of the daily tracking that Cyclone Farms does across all Organic acres. She works tirelessly behind the scenes on accounting, inventory management, merchandising reconciliation, and many other tasks to keep us organized.

Tanner Wolfe
logistics / operations specialist 

Tanner has been with Cyclone Farms for nearly 8 years and is a 4th generation farmer. Starting right out of school, Tanner has become an expert in equipment setup and execution across our various crops. His can-do attitude and desire to learn makes him an irreplaceable team member.

We are passionate about organic farming and are committed to advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

1719 Duke Circle, York, Nebraska, 68467

(515) 450-1737 or (712) 260-1738