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Midwestern Roots, Global Connections

At Cyclone Farms, we have farmed, consulted, started/built, and operated ag-businesses in some of the most difficult and remote tropical places in the world – and some of the best locations domestically. The experience and knowledge we have gained, coupled with the midwest work ethic, give us the tools and know-how necessary to make projects and farms successful and profitable.      

Our goal at the end of the day is always the same – to develop the farm to be the most sustainable, profitable, and environmentally friendly as possible. When looking at all aspects, we find out what works the best in each independent and unique scenario.



Our farming home base is in East Central Nebraska where we grow organic row crops, small grains, pulses, and oil seeds.

Our consulting work has allowed us to work in many states in the Midwest and the South including developing and managing a 10,000-acre farming operation in Florida.



Tyler and Amy have worked on 4 different continents with growers from all over the globe helping implement ag projects of various sizes, ranging from 1,000-acre to 100,000-acre farms.  We have worked with over 23 different crops applying the Albrecht/Kinsey principles to improve overall soil health leading to quality crops with high production.  

South America:  Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia

Africa:  Ghana & The Gambia

Europe:  Ukraine

Outside of these countries, we have developed a large network of agricultural professionals and friends across the globe.

We are passionate about organic farming and are committed to advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

1719 Duke Circle, York, Nebraska, 68467

(515) 450-1737 or (712) 260-1738