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It’s All About the Soil

Soil health is very important to us.  We think of the soil as being the plant’s stomach.

Balancing the soil and achieving a living root growing the majority of the year by cropping, inter-cropping, and cover-cropping is the key to our long-term farm sustainability and leads to better quality and nutrient-dense crops.

To better understand our soils, we have utilized a Veris Electro-Conductivity Mapping Machine across each acre we farm to truly understand more about our soils, the zones, the structures and the textures. This allows us to be very precise in our soil management as we are managing the actual soil zones within the field vs. a standard 2.5 acre grid.

Our goal is to manage the uniqueness of each zone differently in order to build our soil fertility using the Albrecht/Kinsey program.  This will allow for us to achieve the desired soil balance across all zones across all acres and maintain it.  Soil balance will ensure that each plant will be naturally healthy and will have full potential to produce quality grains at a high level of production.

We are passionate about organic farming and are committed to advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

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